Bruker Eos Handheld LIBS


Bruker have launched a LIBS ( Laser Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy) instrument to their range of hand held analysers.

The system uses laser ablation on the surface of a material by means of a Class 3B laser to excite the elements of interest and applies this data to the relevant calibration to produce an accurate analysis of the metal alloy. The Eos will compliment the XRF units to provide the user with the greater range of analysis options on their materials based on alloy type and application. The “point and shoot” design allows for rapid training and use after installation with multi user access and features like alloy assay and fingerprint mode being available as standard on the unit.

  • Rapid testing of Al , Ti and Mg alloys
  • Non x-ray system ( no IRR 99 compliance required)
  • Excellent detection  of low atomic number elements (Al, Mg, Si, Li and Na)
  • Simple operation and clear alloy reporting on screen
  • Safe to work with swarf and wires for damage free testing routines
  • 8-12 hour battery cycle with hot swap
  • No operator dose monitoring required
  • New icon drive interface
  • Air-Flow Optics Shield protects the optics during operation from contamination
  • Thick quartz window protects the optical system from mechanical damage
  • Dual spectrometer design provides large wavelength detection from 170 to 720 nm