Titan 500 XRF Gun


detector_shield sharpbeamtitan500brochureEntry level XRF  metal analyser now with a large area SDD  featuring SharpBeam technology and built in Titan detector shield. This model represents excellent value when requirements for testing include Positive Material Identification, Precious metals and Scrap recycling. Weighing just 1.5KG with batteries and with a new ruggedised body certified to IP54, and long battery cycle (8-10 hours depended on use) and over 500 alloys preloaded in its library.With two years manufacturers warranty the Titan 500 offers the best unit option when budget impacts on model selection.

Model Features Detector Spot Size
Titan 200 sharpbeam detector_shield SiPin 5mm
Titan 500 sharpbeam detector_shield SDD 5mm
Titan 600 sharpbeam detector_shield integrated_camera smart_grade fast_sdd 5mm
Titan 800 sharpbeam detector_shield integrated_camera smart_grade fast_sdd 8, 5 or 3*mm
* TITAN Detector Shield is not available with 3mm spot
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