Titan 600 XRF Gun


detector_shield sharpbeam integrated_camera smart_grade fast_sdd

The S1 TITAN 600 is large SDD (25mm2) based unit designed to test for elements from Mg to U. Equipped with an all new 1GHZ processor and application developed FAST SDD detector this represents the most powerful hand held ever produced by Bruker.  Whether you need to analyse large machined parts, children’s toys, or small jewellery this unit can be pre-loaded with the appropriate calibration for each application, the S1 TITAN will deliver fast and accurate results. The ergonomic pistol grip and trigger are designed for all-day use.

The colour touch-screen LCD is easily seen in all lighting conditions. Weighing in at just 1.5kg (3.3 lbs), the S1 TITAN is among the lightest tube-based XRF analyzers on the market. Fitted with the Titan detector shield as standard and integrated camera available as an upgrade option . All new ruggedised body to IP54 approval and long battery cycle ( 8-10 hours depended on use) this represents a feature packed instrument which can be used on most applications during on-site analysis. The instrument also carries a manufacturers two year warranty , which can be extended at an extra cost.

Model Features Detector Spot Size
Titan 200 sharpbeam detector_shield SiPin 5mm
Titan 500 sharpbeam detector_shield SDD 5mm
Titan 600 sharpbeam detector_shield integrated_camera smart_grade fast_sdd 5mm
Titan 800 sharpbeam detector_shield integrated_camera smart_grade fast_sdd 8, 5 or 3*mm
* TITAN Detector Shield is not available with 3mm spot
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