Tracer 5i

The all new Tracer 5i has been designed to retain all the features of the original Tracer system and also improve on the ease of use  and performance of the instrument. The Tracer now has both manual and auto filters Pressure and Temperature compensation 3mm or 8mm […]

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New for 2016 the Titan 200 alloy checker

Fixed price SiPin unit Patented detector shield as standard Pelican case, 2 batteries with charger Check sample with calibration certificate Over 700 alloys in the library

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Bruker Eos Handheld LIBS

Bruker have launched a LIBS ( Laser Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy) instrument to their range of hand held analysers The system uses laser ablation on the surface of a material by means of a Class 3B laser to excite the elements of interest and applies this data to […]

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Magna Centre Exhibition 2nd-3rd June 2015

PMI Analytical Ltd are pleased to announce that they will be exhibiting their range of portable analytical systems at the Magna Centre, Rotherham on the 2nd/3rd June 2015. We will have the Bruker Titan 500, a SDD Alloy based unit element detection From Ti and fixed filter. […]

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Eos Handheld LIBS

Bruker have announced a new member of the hand held metal testing family . The 2kg system uses laser ablation on the surface of a material to excite the elements of interest and applies this data to the relevant calibration to produce an accurate analysis of the […]

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PMI are pleased to announce… All Titan XRF units now fitted with a SDD™ detector and Titan detector shield

Titan 600

Superior FAST SDD™ detector technology Superior count rates and resolution (compared to SiPIN instruments) Faster than previous generations Lower detection limits Easy analysis of light elements, such as magnesium, aluminum and silicon, without the need for vacuum or helium atmosphere (S1 TITAN 800 and 600)

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Titan 500: The first cost effective entry level XRF with SDD for improved accuracy and performance

Entry level XRF  metal analyser now with a large area SDD  featuring SharpBeam technology and built in Titan detector shield. This model represents excellent value when requirements for testing include Positive Material Identification, Precious metals and Scrap recycling. Weighing just 1.5KG with batteries and with a new […]

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BINDT CONFERENCE 9th & 10th September ’14

We will be demonstrating the latest generation Titan 600 and Q4 Mobile models at Stand 61 on the 9th and 10th September 2014.

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NEW options: Integrated camera, small spot collimator

The S1 TITAN can now be configured with optional integrated camera and/or small spot collimator. Thanks to the S1 TITAN’s SharpBeamTM optimized geometry, the precision and accuracy of the measurement are the same as for the normal spot- there is no need to extend the measurement time […]

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Proprietary Detector Shield

Bruker have launched a proprietary detector shield (patent pending) designed for their range of industry leading S1 Titan XRF hand held anlysers. Available as an system upgrade this innovation will prevent high cost repairs to instruments when being used in recycling facilities and small sample geometries which […]

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