Optical Emission Spectrometry


Based on the know-how of many decades Bruker Elemental offers a complete portfolio for Elemental Analysis. Our innovative solutions enable a wide range of customers in metal industry, automotive industry, chemistry, pharmacy, and semiconductor industry to elevate their business into new levels of quality and process control. Spark optical emission spectrometers (S-OES) are the ideal instruments for metal analysis.

From pure metals trace analysis to high alloyed grades, spark OES covers the complete range from sub-ppm to percentage levels. All relevant elements can directly be analysed simultaneously. Bruker Elemental offers spark spectrometer instruments covering all types of metal applications.

Q4 MobileQ4 MOBILE – Mobile Spark Spectrometer

The Q4 MOBILE marks a milestone in the history of mobile optical emission spectroscopy. For all fields of applications in metal sorting, PMI, and analysis, the Q4 MOBILE offers innovative solutions such as patented CCD optics, special power management, hybrid cable and much more.


Q2 IONQ2 ION – Ultra-Compact Metals Analyzer

Q2 ION is a true multi-matrix system for comprehensive incoming material inspection and quality assurance of metal alloys. Q2 ION the new ultra-light analyzer for metal analysis!

Q4 TasmanQ4 TASMAN – Advanced CCD-based Metals Analyzer

Implementing intelligent innovation, Bruker Elemental has designed the new Q4 TASMAN spectrometer to achieve unrivaled performance.

Q8 MagellanQ8 MAGELLAN – High-end Vacuum Spectrometer for Metal Analysis

The Q8 has taken the lead in many applications being the only vacuum-spectrometer featuring channel-photomultipliers, digital plasma generator, unlimited single-spark- and time resolution and a heavy duty, low-maintenance spark stand with co-axial argon flow.